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Rattle Records (New Zealand)


1 Kitchener Road
Auckland, 1025
New Zealand
em. gardens@orcon.net.nz


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Rattle was established in 1991. Our aim is to provide a platform for the extraordinary quality and diversity of instrumental music in Aotearoa/
New Zealand. Rattle continues to seek out the unique sounds of our corner of the world, music that embodies the heritage of its indigenous peoples and those who have followed.

Not limited to classical, world or jazz, Rattle presents artists from a variety of genres. From the densely textured guitars of Gitbox, through the evocative and primordial ambience of taonga puoro on the albums of Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns, the hand-made percussion of From Scratch, Dan Poynton’s prepared piano, the ethnographic transcriptions of Jack Body, the Jewish/Tango influences in the work of Besser and Bravura, the wide-open vistas of the Chris Mason-Battley Group, the Greek folk tonalities and dynamic emotional sweep of John Psathas, the virtuosity and grace of Michael Houstoun, and the sheer beauty of NZTrio, the music of Rattle transcends boundaries of time and place.

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    July 03, 2013
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    September 03, 2010
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